Jeff was born in Lake City, Iowa, attended Spirit Lake High School and eventually went on to college at the Brown Institute. Jeff later met the love of his life, Jana, and made her his wife in 1982. The Fullers reside in Cherokee, Iowa, where they currently own AM and FM radio stations. But they take the most pride in sharing their lives with five amazing, witty, fun-loving children. That love permeates the business he runs: 5 Star Communications takes its name from those children. Through his successful career in radio, Jeff has maintained a valuable reputation as a community-first media owner, one whose active role in each community he reaches with radio is unsurpassed.

That broadcasting career Jeff began 30 years ago started on-air, but he grew in confidence and ability and branched into sales and virtually every aspect of broadcast and Internet radio along his journey. That path has taken Jeff to many fine small Midwestern cities including Windom, Minn., Emmetsburg, Denison and Cherokee, Iowa and now Vermillion and Yankton, S.D. Living and working in communities that are typically homes to 10,000 or less people, he knows full-well what it takes, day in and day out, for a local station to be great. It takes direct local involvement and unyielding support for not just the base community, but of all the ones in the listening area. His priority is the businesses and loyal listeners who make his success possible. Now serving as owner and president of 5 Star Communications, Jeff knows one person makes his career possible: You, the listener.



Simon Fuller, Jeff's son, was born in Windom, Minn, but attended Denison, Iowa High School. Growing up there, he was in the studios where is father worked when he wasn't out fishing, hunting or exploring the outdoors of north-central Iowa. After studying business at Buena Vista University and his father's purchase of 5 Star Communications, Simon set out to Yankton, S.D., his current home where he lives with his wife, Karlee and his son, Noah. Another Fuller child soon will join the family. Simon's lived a life on the radio, starting his career at the ripe age of 13 in Denison. He later began a variety of roles at KCHE Radio in Cherokee, taking whatever task was needed in the family-run business. His charisma and determination made him a natural fit for sales, and he now serves Classic Hits 106.3 and ESPN Radio 1570 as its sales manager and co-owner.

Simon's take-charge sales attitude is tempered by his softer side and love of animals. He's devoted to animals and loves his dogs. He has boundless energy for his community, busy with events from Yankton Rotary to youth-supporting programs and much more. No challenge intimidates him, instead, he welcomes them and looks for ways to help almost anyone that he meets. Like his father, Simon's true knowledge of the value of community-focused radio can go well be simple support for his listener's communities. He's ready to help, bottom line, and knows Classic Hits 106.3 and ESPN Radio 1570 AM can make that help effective and valuable. He's fully transitioned to southeastern South Dakota and is the daily leader of the of the 5 Star Communications team in Yankton and Vermillion. His promise to the community is simple: Grow its businesses, provide loyalty to  listeners and earn their respect and patronage. Simon knows the future success of 5 Star Communications starts in one place: With you!








Karlee Fuller