Whip 8pm-1am

I started to like radio when I was 9 years old and would call the station and win sports trivia contests and prizes.  The DJs hated me.  I truly think I was the reason radio stations instituted a 'must be 12 year old to win' contest rule.  Later, I found out that DJs only worked 4 hours a day.  That tied in perfectly with my (non) work ethic and it's been a delicious ride ever since.

I've worked all over America, in places like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix (3 times) and Santa Fe.  Wow, I'm tied just from typing that list.  I once got on the bad side of Howard Stern and he threatened to quit if I wasn't fired for what I said about him.  Guess who won that one? Actually, I did because Howard(or is it Mr. Stern?) backed off from his threat saying that while he didn't want me to lose my job, I still needed to learn how to STFU.

By the way, I play in a punk rock band that can only be named as "GPR" (becuase this is a family friendly bio).  Get in touch with me if you ever want to see pics of what I looked like after an angry female punk rocker kicked me several times in the face at a show.

Tom Pier

News Director/Sports Commentary

Tom's route to the news industry is quite short; or long depending on how you look at it.  Tom grew up in Crofton, Nebraska.  His first experience in broadcasting came after high school while he was attending Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa.  Through his campus employment he was able to assist the Sports Information Director with color commentary for athletic events.  Although the road was long, this was the genesis of the journey.

After studying sociology and accounting in college, Tom spent multiple years as an accountant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and later an accounting software specialist in Mitchell, South Dakota.  While in Mitchell, he was able to broadcast various basketball games for Mitchell Telecom.  Upon learning that he was not long for a career in or relating to accounting, Tom found himself back in the Yankton area.

Tom has a direct interest in and familiarity to the area having been raised just south-river.  He enjoys participating in anything that involves a tournament bracket and is proud to be a 13 year veteran of judging speech competitions in the state of Nebraska.



Simpson was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa. After "turning his life around" in 1988, he finally went on to pursue his education, graduating from Briar Cliff University in 1996. A "very non-traditional" student, he left BCU with a bachelor's degrees in Mass Communication and Speech and Theatre. He was involved in many technical aspects of the Briar Cliff Theatre along with the campus television and radio stations and newspaper. Simpson was Briar Cliff's campus radio station manager for more than a year.

After moving to Yankton to be with his fiancée in September of 2013, he has begun to settle in and adjust to life "outside of Sioux City." John is not a complete stranger to Yankton, as he has "visited" the fair city many times over the last two years, spending time with his fiancée when possible.

Simpson "happened across" the position with Classic Hits 106.3 one morning while listening to the Classic Morning Show with Randy Hammer. "I called in one morning and chatted with him, and he asked where I was from, where I was working. I said I was new to town and looking for employment, unless he knew of a radio station that was looking to hire someone. The rest — so far — is history."

Prior to working at Classic Hits 106.3, Simpson has been employed with FedEx Office, KMEG TV-14 as a master control operator/video switcher, and KWIT FM 90 as a board operator/announcer ... just to name a few.

John Thayer


Like many young boys, John had dreams of growing up to be a professional athlete. After always being picked first at recess to be the quarterback in elementary, John found his love for cheeseburgers and pizza and ended up a lineman by the 7th grade. Though he played sports in high school, John realized his lack of athletic ability would trip up his dream of furthering his sports career. After years of broadcasting the video games he was playing, John found a love for broadcasting sports. Like all failed athletes and coaches, John has made his way into the sports broadcasting industry.

John is native of Eustis, Neb. While growing up in the town of 401, John worked on a hog farm through high school. He claims if you haven't had to pull pigs or wash out the hog sheds then you haven't truly lived. After attending Doane College in Crete, Neb., John lived in Colorado for a year before moving back to Nebraska until his transplant to Yankton.

He still loves cheeseburgers and pizza and enjoys long walks on the beach or a stroll under a star-studded sky.

Tony Scott

Tony Scott 6pm-8pm

Tony Scott has worked for some of America’s most successful radio stations and networks in a career that spans more than 35 years. He has worked in markets from Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia to Denver and L.A. and has held down afternoons here on the Classic Rock format for many years. Tony also pulls weekend and fill-in duty at legendary 95-5 KLOS in Los Angeles, hosts a daily feature for AFN heard in more than 100 countries, and he's the back-up host for Bob Coburn on the long-running live interview radio program “Rockline.” Tony has also been active in radio imaging and narration and chances are you’ve heard him on The History Channel, Discovery, HGTV, TLC and many other networks or even caught him on camera from time to time. Tony still points to radio as his true passion and why not? He’s had extensive interview time with some absolute greats of Rock & Roll.

John Entwistle, Ian Anderson, David Crosby and Graham Nash, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, Joey Kramer and Tom Hamilton, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Gregg Allman and Butch Trucks, Robbie Krieger and John Densmore, Stevie Nicks, Thorogood, are just a few of many Classic Rock legends who have spent time on the Tony Scott Show.

Fans keep up with Tony on Facebook at “Tony Scott Radio.”

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